Aynsley GroupA fall happens in an instant. What happens to an aging parent after the release from the hospital? It’s a common scenario happening all the time. Are you ready? Prepare for the caregiving crisis. Nancy Fiedelman, manager of the Aynsley Group, one of several privately held companies formed in 1975 to provide quality consulting services limited to elder care, is a compassionate, caring individual whom I’ve known for the past several years. I’ve asked her to help us prepare for the possible situation many of us might face either for ourselves or for our aging parents.

Most of us will be caregivers at some time in our lives – for an aging parent, a spouse, a sibling.  Few of us are prepared to assume this role.  Whether our new role results from an unexpected medical crisis or from a chronic, progressively debilitating illness, one can take the following steps to be better prepared, thus  reducing stress and increasing effectiveness.

  1. Collect the following information about your loved one: personal demographic information (date of birth, social security number, health insurance information); and medical information (names of medical providers, health history, current medical conditions, list of all current medications including dosage).
  2. Determine whether your loved one has documented their wishes about their future care (general durable power of attorney, health care proxy, advance directive, living will).
  3. Identify resources that may be required to address future potential care needs (financial resources – monthly income, assets, savings accounts, long term care insurance coverage – and available public and private resources in the community).

The level of complexity of every situation is unique.  It may be helpful to engage the services of a professional who can provide objective guidance and assistance through the caregiving journey.

Nancy Fiedelman

Nancy Fiedelman

Prepare for the caregiving crisis. People like Nancy and the Aynsley Group provide an invaluable service with many resources to point you to. They can be reached at http://budurl.com/cd2u.