I have a very close friend. I wear it very close to my body. It’s my pedometer — a Yamax SW-200 Digiwalker Pedometer. It’s very small and it has only one function — to count steps. Nothing else. There’s only one button to push to reset which I press every day. Extremely simple.

I had read the excellent reviews a few years ago and I loved the first one that I had. Unfortunately, the battery died and when I priced the battery, it was almost as expensive as buying a new one. I’d forgotten where I had bought it from, so I did some comparison shopping on the Internet and bought one. However, I found that it was not to my satisfaction — it seemed “looser” and counted more steps than I had actually walked.

So I went on another hunt and found one at Amazon that was more like the first one that I had — closer in accuracy in counting steps. I will keep the first one in case I find a reasonably priced battery for it.

This particular model is not for you if you’re into counting calories or other things like speed and distance. But I only care about steps. My goal is 50K each week. Experts tell us that we should walk 10K steps each day, but for me that’s somewhat unrealistic and I don’t want to feel bad about not accomplishing my goal. So for the most part, walking 50K each week is an attainable goal.

To order the same model I use, click here. Happy walking!

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