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Grandmother Starts a Business

Sonia and her date-nut bars

Sonia and her date-nut bars

Since the start of this blog late last year, I have been “hammering” the need to start a part-time home-based business. Recently, I met a woman who practically lives in my back yard and is putting her passion to work. We met when she attended the networking luncheon I host monthly for professional women in business.

Sonia Sidhwaney has a passion for dates (the fruit) and creates date-nut bars. By day, she’s a programmer with many initials after her name including an MS degree in Computer Science from Bowling Green State University. But at night and on weekends, she’s busy making her date-nut bars. She’s pictured on the left with her bars before they are cut. She was on a quest for healthy snacks for her family and now she has the recipe perfected.  As a businesswoman, she’s now working on the marketing aspect of her business.

Her energy bars are vegan, soy free, dairy free, gluten free, and no sugar has been added. Additionally, no chemicals and preservatives have been added, but they have a long shelf life. Her company is called Nuts About Dates and more information is available at her website, Most importantly, the date-nut bars are delicious and her granddaughter would concur!

Personally, I prefer the network marketing business model because the income is residual. For an explanation of the difference between residual and linear income, please view my video explanation. But in these tough economic times, it’s getting started on something of importance to you that is foremost.

Retail Job Losses and Retirement

Last year over two million people were unemployed. Isn’t that a staggering number?! It’s in the news every day. We can’t escape it. Yesterday’s Washington Post said that Macy’s will cut 7,000 jobs, but what was even more amazing in the article was the list of retail job losses announced this year (and we’re only in the second month of 2009!)
• Saks 1,100
• Neiman Marcus    375
• De Beers    Up to 1,000
• Harry & David    More than 100
• Circuit City    34,000
• Home Depot    7,000
• Target    1,500
• Macy’s    7,000

If you are close to retirement, what are you doing to protect yourself? I’ve been laid off twice – caught in the cyclical nature of real estate. It is a shock to the system. But thankfully, I always had a part-time teaching job. I’m focused on helping people protect their retirement, particularly grandparents, so that their retirement years can include enjoying their grandchildren.

As I’ve said previously, health should always be your number one priority and I will write more in the future. But next, I will share some websites for jobs for seniors.  However, start thinking of ways you might be able to add to your income. Share your passion. What do you like to do more than anything else? Perhaps one of my readers might be able to suggest something you’d never thought of doing with your passion. I invite my readers to help each other.