sres-logo1One of the painful decisions a senior in their own home must make when a big home (or even a small home) is no longer viable is to sell their home. But let’s face it … there are realtors everywhere and like every profession, there are bad ones, good ones, and then there are outstanding ones. I have a real estate license, but I’m not an agent. I know a lot of agents, however, and can refer people to outstanding agents. One such person is Ted Kramer, whom I’ve known for several years. Ted was once an attorney, but he has been in the real estate profession for many years. I invited him to write a few words because he not only is a fellow senior and understands seniors, but he has the Seniors Real Estate Specialist designation. Here’s what he shares.

People over 50 who are considering a life-style change or who need to change their housing arrangements because of their own or their loved one’s physical or mental challenges should consider hiring a realtor who understands the complex issues they face.

The real estate profession, through the National Association of Realtors, has developed a program to train and certify Realtors® to specialize in counseling seniors to make good decisions about their housing plans. Realtors® who complete this training are designated Seniors Real Estate Specialists® and are entitled to use the SRES® designation and logo .

When a senior contemplates making a move from the family home, a wide range of issues can come into play, including the effect on the senior’s long term financial plan, estate plan, health needs, tax situation and the stress of leaving a place of family memories, organizing and disposing of excess personal property and papers and focusing on the future.

SRES® designees will have learned and adopted methods for counseling 50+ buyers and sellers and established relationships with other professionals including tax and estate lawyers, accountants, lenders (including those handling reverse mortgages), professional organizers, home health care providers, and specialists in making evaluations and recommending institutional care facilities. Sometimes the best choice for a 50+ person is to remain in their current home and the SRES® designee is committed to accepting that outcome rather than pressuring someone to make a move that may not be the optimal outcome. Including a client or customer’s family in the process is important, but the SRES® designee is committed to focus on the transaction and avoid inappropriate involvement in family matters..

Ted Kramer

Ted Kramer

Ted can be reached at 703.304.1140 or by e-mail at Check out his Web site,