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Happy New Year 2011!

It’s been just over two years since I started this blog and what an enlightening journey it’s been. When I started it, I was writing two times a week and then cut down to once a week when I started Now, as the new year begins, I am in the process of developing a new program, Gracefully Age Program  (GAP), where I work with seniors and baby boomers who struggle to find enough time to take care of their aging bodies, but would like to feel like they are in their 20’s again … except with better judgment.

My clients and I work together on the goals to be accomplished. Currently, we are in a three-month pilot program, but the actual program starts this spring and will run for six months. I am developing resources for the program as well as joint ventures. My program will be unique in that as a Cellular Response energy healer, I will incorporate energy exercises which I find totally intriguing.

As my blog has pointed out for the past couple of years, we seniors need to take care of our bodies if we want to have a good quality of life ahead of us. As I observe seniors around me, so many of them have let their bodies deteriorate. They have no energy. They have no sparkle in their faces. They are in pain. Diseases are rampant. I felt a program like GAP could help people even more than what I am doing in my Cellular Response practice. But only people who are committed to do anything to have optimal health will succeed in such a program. We all know people who could benefit from such a program, but they are going to have to want it for themselves. I will be the link that will help them achieve their goals.

So, I need more time to spend on the next chapter of my retirement career of helping more people and therefore, I will be adding to my blog every other Wednesday instead of weekly. I’ll be back in two weeks.

I appreciate your friendship. Make 2011 the best year ever!

How to Keep your Body Alkaline

As 2010 comes to a close, I hope it was a healthy year and you are looking forward to an exciting year ahead. I know I have so much to be thankful for and so much to look forward to in 2011.

Each of us has a path we can take — the illness path or the wellness path. The choices we make determine whether we’re headed for illness or for wellness. We are in charge of our own body. We determine what to consume. We decide if we are going to challenge our bodies by exercising. We are constantly making choices — one choice is just as easy to make as another choice. Still, over a period of time, one will lead to better health and one will lead to your doctor’s office. Which will it be for you?

One of the ways to keep your body free of diseases is to keep it in an alkaline state. I’ve heard it many times — diseases cannot live in an alkaline body. How do you keep your body in an alkaline state? By consuming more alkaline foods than acidic ones. Approximately 75 percent of your food intake should be alkaline and about 25 percent should be acidic. So, a lot more alkaline foods than acidic ones. This helpful chart at puts the alkaline-forming foods on a scale from low to high.

There are various places where you can buy pH paper such as a garden center or pet shop or even one that sells swimming pool supplies. If you want one that covers a wider gamut, you may need to find a lab supply store.
Personally, to keep my body alkaline, I take a “greens” supplement with every meal. What I like about this company is that their multi-vitamin is also packed with a “greens” caplet. I also drink alkaline water. I was recently tested by a health practitioner and my body was in an alkaline state. This is not to say that I leave the job to the supplements. I do try to make smart choices about what I eat.

I wish all of you the best of health. Take care and see you next year.

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Parkinson Disease and Your Pharmacist

The National Parkinson Foundation sponsors many Parkinson Disease (PD) support groups. (Most people refer to Parkinson as Parkinson’s, but that is incorrect). I had the opportunity to visit a support group in Northern Virginia and found them to be a very friendly, supportive group. No matter how mild the PD, a support group can be very uplifting. Additionally, the speakers for the meeting give valuable information.

Centreville Medical Arts PharmacyOn the day I visited, one speaker was Ernest Dixon, RPH, owner of Centreville Medical Arts Pharmacy. He explained that PD is a degenerative disease mostly of the aged. There are over 1 million people in the United States and 4 million people worldwide with the disease. It is characterized by tremors, rigidity with stiffness and slowness, and postural instability, all because the nerves in the brain become impaired when it stops producing dopamine.

Early treatment is best and Ernest recommended the following:

  1. Know yourself and your body.
  2. Know your medical provider and the medication prescribed, including side effects.
  3. Know your pharmacist. Build a relationship with the pharmacist.

Centreville Medical Arts Pharmacy is an independent pharmacy located in Northern Virginia. Ernest is a gregarious Ernest Dixonand friendly pharmacist who truly enjoys helping people. After his many years of experience with chain pharmacies, he decided he wanted to really work with people counseling them on their medication and not just filling prescriptions all day. In addition, the pharmacy is a “compounding pharmacy” meaning that they are able to “mix” drugs, such as changing the form of the medication from a pill to a liquid or to remove a non-essential ingredient that the patient might be allergic to.

Getting to know your pharmacist is a really good idea if you take many different kinds of prescription medication prescribed by different doctors so that the pharmacist can be on the lookout for any potential problems. Additionally, if you want to add over the counter medication to the mix, you need to talk to the pharmacist. Or, if you simply want to add high quality nutritional supplements such as vitamins, consult your pharmacist. A pharmacist like Ernest Dixon will be happy to give you professional advice. When we’re all surrounded by big chain pharmacies and pharmacies in supermarkets, it is refreshing to know that there are independent pharmacies with people like Ernest Dixon, RPH.

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